2021考研英语综合备考资料: 陀思妥耶夫斯基的经典英文小说《罪与罚》每天阅读一小段英语小说,保持语感,熟悉英文的说话方式,有助于英语阅读得到提高,咱们今天就开始从罪与罚 开始读起吧,对大家在进行2021考试的时候非常有帮助,更多相关信息,可关注咱们文都考研综合备考频道哦。


2021考研英语综合备考:罪与罚Part 1-2

"I want to attempt a thing /like that/ and am frightened by these trifles," he thought, with an odd smile. "Hm . . . yes, all is in a man's hands and he lets it all slip from cowardice, that's an axiom. It would be interesting to know what it is men are most afraid of. Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what they fear most. . . . But I am talking too much. It's because I chatter that I do nothing. Or perhaps it is that I chatter because I do nothing. I've learned to chatter this last month, lying for days together in my den thinking . . . of Jack the Giant-killer. Why am I going there now? Am I capable of /that/? Is /that/ serious? It is not serious at all. It's simply a fantasy to amuse myself; a plaything! Yes, maybe it is a plaything."


The heat in the street was terrible: and the airlessness, the bustle and the plaster, scaffolding, bricks, and dust all about him, and that special Petersburg stench, so familiar to all who are unable to get out of town in summer--all worked painfully upon the young man's already overwrought nerves. The insufferable stench from the pot- houses, which are particularly numerous in that part of the town, and the drunken men whom he met continually, although it was a working day, completed the revolting misery of the picture. An expression of the profoundest disgust gleamed for a moment in the young man's refined face. He was, by the way, exceptionally handsome, above the average in height, slim, well-built, with beautiful dark eyes and dark brown hair. Soon he sank into deep thought, or more accurately speaking into a complete blankness of mind; he walked along not observing what was about him and not caring to observe it. From time to time, he would mutter something, from the habit of talking to himself, to which he had just confessed. At these moments he would become conscious that his ideas were sometimes in a tangle and that he was very weak; for two days he had scarcely tasted food.

街上热得可怕,而且气闷,拥挤不堪,到处都是石灰浆、脚手架、砖头,灰尘,还有那种夏天的特殊臭气。每个无法租一座别墅的彼得堡人都那么熟悉的那种臭气, ——所有这一切一下子就令人不快地震撼了这个青年人本已很不正常的神经。在城市的这一部分,小酒馆特别多,从这些小酒馆里冒出的臭气,还有那些尽管是在工作时间,却不断碰到的醉鬼,给这幅街景添上了最后一笔令人厌恶的忧郁色彩。有一瞬间,极端厌恶的神情在这个青年人清秀的面庞上忽然一闪。顺便说一声,他生得很美,有一双漂亮的黑眼睛,一头褐色的头发,比中等身材还高一些,消瘦而身材匀称。但不久他就仿佛陷入沉思,甚至,说得更确切些,似乎是想出了神,他往前走去,已经不注意周围的一切,而且也不想注意。他只是偶尔喃喃自语,这是由于他有自言自语的习惯,对这一习惯,现在他已经暗自承认了。这时他自己也意识到,他的思想有时是混乱的,而且他十分虚弱:已经有一天多他几乎什么也没吃了。

He was so badly dressed that even a man accustomed to shabbiness would have been ashamed to be seen in the street in such rags. In that quarter of the town, however, scarcely any shortcoming in dress would have created surprise. Owing to the proximity of the Hay Market, the number of establishments of bad character, the preponderance of the trading and working class population crowded in these streets and alleys in the heart of Petersburg, types so various were to be seen in the streets that no figure, however queer, would have caused surprise. But there was such accumulated bitterness and contempt in the young man's heart, that, in spite of all the fastidiousness of youth, he minded his rags least of all in the street. It was a different matter when he met with acquaintances or with former fellow students, whom, indeed, he disliked meeting at any time. And yet when a drunken man who, for some unknown reason, was being taken somewhere in a huge waggon dragged by a heavy dray horse, suddenly shouted at him as he drove past: "Hey there, German hatter" bawling at the top of his voice and pointing at him--the young man stopped suddenly and clutched tremulously at his hat. It was a tall round hat from Zimmerman's, but completely worn out, rusty with age, all torn and bespattered, brimless and bent on one side in a most unseemly fashion. Not shame, however, but quite another feeling akin to terror had overtaken him.








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